IQ Marketing Business-to-Business Website

Planning, Estimation, Technology Selection

Performix worked closely with the IQ team to identify the requirements for the extranet secured site.
The site was built for one of the IQ’s insurance client to migrate IQ’s marketing effort for the client on
to the web. The site allows enrollment by the agents of the client into different direct marketing plans
offered and later review the prospects allocated to them. The site handles various discounting and
inclusion/exclusion of the prospects. In addition there were numerous real-time on-demand reports
developed that could be view in the browser.

Java was selected as the language and platform for the development. The primary reason for this
selection was platform independence and re-usability offered by the language.

Due to hard deadline of the project SilverStream was picked as a Java application server of choice.
SilverStream allowed rapid application development of the site and generated Java code.

Performix performed analysis, design, and development of the site.

Analysis and Design was done using use-case methodology and object-oriented concepts of
Jacobsen and Booch. JAD sessions were conducted to gather complex requirements and business rules.
The use-cases methodology allowed a coherent documentation of analysis, design, and development
deliverables and provided automatic scenarios for the test team.

Graphic design and branding was handled concurrently with the development team. The graphic
artist/engineer working closely with the advertising department produced the graphics assets for the
web pages. Periodic usability test were conducted with the client. The site was SSL secured wherever
sensitive/confidential data was revealed.

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