GSA Schedule 70 and IT rates

Performix Business Services GSA Contract#:  GS-35F-0184W

Schedule 70 – SIN 132-51,132-52
DUNS: 127384233

NAICS Code:  54143, 541513, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541910
Minority Owned SB, 8a Graduate 2009, SDB, DBE

132-51  Rates

Labor Categories GSA Rate w/ IFF($)
Database Analyst Programmer 53.94
Applications Programmer 66.46
Web Security Analyst 97.73
Web Designer 87.96
Systems Architect 112.39
Project Manager 65.54
Systems Administrator 55.18
UNIX Systems Administrator Intermediate 69.39

132-52 : Ecommerce Services Rates

Category Description GSA Rate w/o IFF GSA Rate w/IFF Unit
Webhosting and maintenance Provide hosting and maintenance for website



per month
Web-update data Provide data updates on website



per page
Hosting for user tracking Provide appropriate user tracking on a website format and hosting



per month
Data archiving Provide data archives in the easy to access format



per month
Customize User Access Control Provide appropriate access to data and website based on users role and job description



per site
Content Web Delivery/Reporting Provide mechanism to view aggregated data easily



per report
Detail Report Report detail with multiple columns



per report
Secure Content Hosting/ month Small Provide secure server and network access to host ecommerce or emarketing websites



per month
Secure Content Hosting/ month Large Provide secure server and network access to host ecommerce or emarketing websites



per month
Single and multilevel landing Provide single and multilevel landing page on website



per website
Design layout Provide design to the simple web site with layout



per website
Website Framework Provide framework for the website



per website
External component Interface Provide interface with external web,server,software



per website
Chat feature To provide chat feature on the website



per website
Domain Provide expertise with domain selection and registry



per domain
SSL certificate Provide expertise with SSL certificates



per certificate
Podcasting Provide expertise with podcasting technology



per setup
Articles feedback form Provide articles feedback form to post feedback



per form
Testing Provide testing to test the work



per use case
Video processing and editing Provide video processing and editing



Emailforwarding/server mail Provide email forwarding and server mail functionality



per project
Blog hosting Provide Blog hosting expertise



per Blog
User manual for site use Provide user manual for site use



per User Manual
RSS feeds Provide RSS feed technology



per Page
Video upload play Provide video upload play



per Page
Audience Analyst Provide detail audience analysis for the project



Interviewer Interview the important community leader in a effective and efficient manner



Instruction designer Provide Instruction design in a user friendly way



Trend Reporter To provide effective trend reports



Project Manager To provide overall project management to the project




Database Analyst Programmer

Database Analyst Programmer has a Bachelors degree or at least 5 years of experience in database programming

Under general supervision, they are responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of moderately complex databases. Maintains database dictionaries and integration of systems through database design;

Competent to work on most phases of database administration but may require some instruction and guidance in other phases.

Requires two years experience in the field


Applications Programmer

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or engineering.

 Devises or modifies procedures to solve complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form of desired results.

Design, Codes, tests, debugs and documents.


Web Security Analyst

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or engineering.

 Performs all procedures necessary to ensure the safety of the organization’s website; and transaction across the internet/intranet

Applies Internet Firewall technologies to maintain security

Ensures that the user community understands and adheres to necessary procedures to maintain security


Web Designer

Masters Degree in computer science, information systems, engineering or business, may be substituted for 2 years of experience with Bachelors Degree.

Under direct supervision, designs and builds web pages using a variety of graphic software applications, techniques and tools.

Design and develop user interface features, site animation and special effect elements

Systems Architect

Masters degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, or Business

Works independently in order to design and develop new software products or major enhancements to existing software

 May lead a large development team in the design of highly complex software systems

Acts as highest-level technical expert, addressing problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms

 Responsible for project completion

Performs feasibility analysis on potential future projects to management


Project Manager

Bachelor’s Degree

Has at least 5 years of Project Management Experience

Responsible for managing all aspects of the development and implementation of assigned projects

Systems Administrator

Bachelor or Associate degree

Responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining operating system workstations and servers, including web servers, in support of business processing requirements.

Performs software installations and upgrades to operating systems and layered software packages.

Schedules installations

UNIX Systems Administrator Intermediate

Has a Bachelor’s degree

Responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of UNIX operating systems

Recognizes and troubleshoots problems with server hardware and applications software.

Establishes and documents standards and procedures for management review.

Requires extensive knowledge of computer operations

At least 5 years of related experience.



Ecommerce Services: 132-52


Interviewer will have a clear method of conducting a typical interview.  They will be an expert in creating the interview guide based on the bona fide occupational qualifications listed in a candidate qualification as well as materials provided by the interviewee and the office.  They may have more that 100 hours of experience in conducting an actual interview. They have experience in conducting interview for multi-media, radio, television, internet, magazine and print media. They are expert at following:

They know to plan an opening and closing for a selection interview.

They know to construct primary and secondary questions to ask the applicant.

Ensure that all questions asked during an interview conform to state and national standards

Formulate a method of recording impressions of the interviewee.

Rate: $117.00

Educational qualification:

Bachelor degree. 3 years or more of work experience. Excellent language, communication and written skills


Audience analyst

Individual will conduct market analysis. Will have experience in communicating with the audience for research and categorization. Will communicate with the team leader regarding the initial finding and go back with updates to further research. Will provide a detail report and supporting documentation.

Rate: $156.21

Educational qualification:

Bachelors degree. 3 years or more of work experience. Excellent language, communication and written skills


Instruction Designer

Instruction designer provides instructions for the given task to be performed in a satisfactory format. They can format instructions in an orderly way for a very simple to a complex task. Clear instructions are in an easy to understand and follow language. They are experts in the subject matter and form instructions based on the variety audience.

Rate: $154.43

Educational qualification:

Bachelors degree. 5 years of related work experience. 10 years of total work experience. Excellent language and written skills


Trend Reporter

The trend reporter will provide clear concise reports for the event or activity. The trends are presented in a form of charts or data tables and analyzed for forcasting and trends. Reports can be for complex or very simple activity.

Rate: $126.50

Educational qualification:

Bachelors degree. 8 years of total work experience.4 years related work experience


Project Manager

The project Manager will provide leadership for total project. They will show strategic vision and drive to achieve the goal of the project. They will work in a team and understand the group dynamic. They can deliver and perform par excellence. They show control and flexibility at the same time.


Educational classification: Masters degree. Bachelors degree and 3 years equivalent work experience. 8 years of project management experience. 2 years of related subject experience.


The information applicable to Performix’s GSA Schedule 70 is as follows:

  • GSA schedule number: 70
  • GSA contract number: GS-35F-0184W
  • Performance period: 1/24/2010 – 1/24/2015
  • Contractor’s ordering address: 9100 West Bloomington Freeway, Suite 159, Bloomington, Minnesota 55431
  • Contractor’s payment address: 9100 West Bloomington Freeway, Suite 159, Bloomington, Minnesota 55431
  • Website:, Telephone: 952-893-0143, Fax: 952 400 8008
  • Type of contractor: Small Disadvantaged Business
  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number: 12738433
  • Contract administration: Sunil Bafna
  • Maximum dollar value per order: $500,000
  • Minimum dollar value per order: $100
  • Geographic scope of contract: 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia
  • For more information, please contact: Sunil Bafna.

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