Business Measurement

We have worked very successfully on challenging projects for our clients. One area where we have done this successfully over and over again is “Business Measurements.” With our speed, efficiency, and knowledge about creating measurement systems, we have enabled clients to measure activities that are critical and that help to improve the bottom-line. These measurements allow businesses to make informed decisions and provide quality product to internal and external customers with certainty. With our delivery model (of speed and efficiency) we allow organizations to measure activities within time and budget that otherwise would not be possible.

There are two primary activities in this service model:

Customized Surveys - Determine what are key items needed to be measured
– Design Expedited Interfaces to collect data
– Determine frequency of data collection and sources of data
- Allow Access Control and Security
- Measure and Reward
Customized Online Reporting - Report on fresh and historical and competitive data
- Support 24×7

Briefly our eXtreme delivery model (to deliver in weeks rather than months) is setup as follows:


eXtreme delivery model





Major Activities


  • Program Setup and Definition
  • Program Management
  • User Interface
  • Coordination
  • Project Execution
  • Business Analysis
  • Scope Estimation
  • Requirements development
  • UAT & Implementation
  • Knowledge transfer

  • Engagement
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Deliverable Management
  • Project Execution
  • Business/Technical Analysis
  • Scope Estimation
  • Requirements development
  • Design & Development
  • Testing & Implementation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Post Project Support

Process Phases


Benefits - Measure on time to meet business needs
– Fast and cost effective
– Empowers business to use information relevantly
– Wireless and PDA driven